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Digital Logistics Solutions to empower your supply chain

shipment tracking and monitoring

Tracking & Monitoring

When working with supply chains, the ability to track your shipments is vital and CF Global offers a variety of streamlined platforms to enable that. Over the years, we have developed an expertise in developing middleware technologies that allow us to communicate with your applications whether they are home grown or outsourced. Our experience tells us that all systems and applications are different but the need to communicate in a single language for more visibility and transparency is universal. Our multitude of applications are built to do just that, meaning no matter the system or the location, we make the connection.

Monitoring movements and keeping customers up to date is at the core of our operations. As part of our methodology, we have developed a number of tools for shipment tracking, track and trace, inventory management and cargo monitor dashboards. This means that you are aware of the status of all shipments and any external factors impacting their movement.

shipment booking information

Bookings & Integrations

As part of our value additions to customers, we have developed a dedicated shipment booking application that allows customers direct access to feed in their inventories and plan their logistics with CF Global. This system is designed to provide the shipment information to the end customer either via the suppliers or via third parties. Our online solution is a single, web-based access point to end-to-end supply chain information and the modular format makes it easy to tailor to any specific requirements. This solution enables order management, inventory management, event management, reporting/business intelligence and integration of data from multiple partners in the supply chain.

supply chain control tower

Control Tower

With the birth of next generation of digital supply chain solutions, CF global is actively working with logistics professionals to develop its suite of digital tools that connect to a centralised control tower application. The ability to feed in data from warehouses, trucking companies & carriers and integrate with customs and financial institutions for mandatory payments and levies will serve as a single glass line level visibility platform giving freedom to customers to enhance their operations. Our focus is twofold; to integrate and digitalise the supply chain and to develop custom dashboards and user experiences that serve as the backbone of supply chain visibility for brands.

Global Network

Our understanding of different cultures, local norms and style of business means that no matter the location, we can deliver a consistent and customised solution for you. Experience the benefit of using a unified global network.