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Storage and Handling

Gain access to best-in-class facilities across the globe


3PL solutions for long term, short term, dedicated and common user facilities

Unlike information, your tangible products take up actual space. Once the goods arrive via our integrated 3pl supply chain solutions, we provide well-guarded infrastructure, sanitary conditions, easy accessibility to ensure you get exactly your inventory in pristine condition.

We know that warehouse logistics is the stationary part of the journey, one that is mostly about being on the move; it’s the stable link of the supply chain management solutions that needs to be well organised so you can send and receive your export cargo with ease.

We take care of the cargo from point of origin to the delivery destination, and this means that our warehouses remain in excellent condition to safely store your export cargo in line with industry best practices.

In addition to standard storage solutions, CF Global offers solutions for managed warehousing and outsourced warehousing allowing us to integrate and manage your inventory in every setup. In key markets, we also offer solutions for temperature controlled and climate controlled facilities to ensure integrity of cargo at all times.

In line with global sustainability best practices, we are actively working to ensure that all warehousing partners adopt environmental and renewable energy compliances and reduce the impact of their operations. All facilities are equipped with the latest Machine Handling Equipment, security safeguards whilst focussing on health and safety standards for all workers.

warehousing and distribution

What We Offer

Wide range of warehousing and distribution services to ensure security of cargo and streamline your supply chain.

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    Multiple Loading & unloading bays

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    Best in Class Machine Handling Equipment

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    Environment-friendly Facilities

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    24/7 Operation and CCTV facilities

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    Fire Protection, Emergency power backups

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    CT-PAT Compliance for USA shipments

Global Network

Our global expansion model is straightforward. We have own offices in challenging markets with weak systems and bureaucratic procedures to have better control of the on-ground situation while in developed markets, we partner with leading and established agents who bring in their own advantages and efficiencies.