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Origin Based Logistics

Going that extra mile to optimize your supply chain

Value Added Services

Variety of value-added services to upstream and scale your inventory

Our supply chain management solutions are not just about getting your cargo through to destinations and signing off after delivery. We know about the complex networks of connections required to manage inventory beyond our task of transporting your goods. We customize solutions so that you’re not overwhelmed with multiple activities at the receiving end. Our delivery models go above and beyond to help you meet your end-to-end needs and achieve your real target. Our task is not done until your goals are met.

Our main years of retail experience has enabled us to develop best practices for pre retail activities for the fashion industry; Pick and Pack, Ratio Packing, Kitting, SKU design are some of the mainstream solutions we offer and additional facilities are available on request.

In terms of QC platforms, we offer services for finished goods and inspection services for raw materials and accessories to ensure a smooth operation and ability to maintain production schedules. The rise of origin based logistics and finishing centers in close proximity to sourcing hubs has led to CF Global partnering with some of the top solutions providers across the globe.

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What We Offer

A range of origin and destination-based services that can be integrated with every business model to design the perfect supply chain.

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    Direct to store & Pre-Retail Activities

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    Quality Control Centres and Platforms

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    Omnichannel support

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    E-commerce Solutions

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    Reverse Logistics

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    Raw Material Inspection & Checks

Global Network

Our global expansion model is straightforward. We have own offices in challenging markets with weak systems and bureaucratic procedures to have better control of the on-ground situation while in developed markets, we partner with leading and established agents who bring in their own advantages and efficiencies.