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Pharma and Healthcare

Time sensitive and often lifesaving medicines and equipment have been at the forefront since the pandemic in 2020. We have adapted our models to be able to cater to sudden increases in demands for all sorts of medical and healthcare goods working closely with airlines to develop protocols that reduce the groundwork at origins.

We know that developments in pharma and medication have evolved and the healthcare supply chain is possibly one of the most urgent, essential and time-critical aspects to ensure everyone gets the care they need. At CF Global, we truly value the work we do and are dedicated to meeting fast-paced demands and securely handling delicate products. Our teams are well-trained to provide custom service from ensuring temperature and hygiene checks, close monitoring and assessing the best optimum delivery routes. We know our responsibility in handling this important work and our solutions offer the best-practice methods suited for pharma handling.

Global Network

Our understanding of different cultures, local norms and style of business means that no matter the location, we can deliver a consistent and customised solution for you. Experience the benefit of using a unified global network.