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Fine and Fresh

The fastest links of the supply chain combine for ultimate freshness

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Perishable produce is time-sensitive, atmosphere-dependent and sometimes voluminous. We understand your concerns about fresh produce reaching the market in its consumer-ready state.

At CF global, we think of every little detail, from the packaging solutions, to temperature requisites, sanitary warehousing, no matter the freight method you choose. Be it flowers or fresh fruit, we know the demands and our transparent tracking methods as part of our end-to-end service solutions will see your delivery through.

The perishable industry has come a long way to precision-based monitoring controls and optimum conditions for movement of all goods; our experience in working with some of the largest global suppliers of flowers, fish and fauna has enabled us to consistently deliver solutions that meet these requirements.

With well-trained teams that have local know-how, full visibility of cargo routes and streamlined processes, we provide customised and flexible solutions that allows you to rest assured till the cargo reaches its destination.

Global Network

Our global expansion model is straightforward. We have own offices in challenging markets with weak systems and bureaucratic procedures to have better control of the on-ground situation while in developed markets, we partner with leading and established agents who bring in their own advantages and efficiencies.