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Electronics & GDSM

Digital solutions run the world, but the electronic hardware that carries the technology still has to move places. So, you need smooth and safe supply chain mechanisms to ensure your technological investments reach their destination in prime condition.

Since the transportation and movement of high value technology cargo remains an essential part of the supply chain process, CF Global has initiated training and workshops to build this expertise among its teams. Our relationships with state-of-the-art warehouse providers and strict protocols for high value tech cargo movement allow customers to monitor and manage inventory in various hubs across the globe.

At CF Global, we specialise in handling cargo connected to electronics. Our end-to-end solutions include visibility and monitoring from pick-up-point to point-of-sales.

Global Network

Together with our own network, we are backed by an international network of partners and agents who work with us to meet all your logistical needs. Faced with a challenging market or in need of an agile and adaptive partner who can get things moving? Talk to us