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Who we are

Empowering Supply Chains combining the best of people and technology

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We are in the business, to put it simply, of coordinating your delivery and logistical needs.

But this definition oversimplifies the real work we do. In this ecosystem, our industry forms the lifeline between the source and the consumer, the vital link: the supply chain.

Managing supply chains is our craft, and we excel in doing the quiet work that allows for movement of goods across continents.

*2022 data

empowering supply chain

Our Purpose and Values

We don’t just throw in words like ‘purpose’ and ‘values’ into conversations carelessly. Our purpose is to empower supply chains by combining the best of people with technology. We believe that empowered people strengthen processes and as a result are able to use technology creatively and wisely.

Purpose drives us forward and our values keep us grounded.

Being Authentic, Being Balanced and Being Aware help us to center ourselves, cut out the noise and clear our vision for the work we need to do. Our work is primarily in motion and our values give us the stability to do so.

Our Brand

Our visual identity has many undertones. The curve represents our industry and the journey we take and facilitate—its origin-point and an end. The soft-curve and bold lines show our strength and solidarity but also flexibility—how adaptable we are— its slant represents a ‘lean-on’ quality. We are dependable.

Though the logo seems ‘disconnected’, we know these spaces connect the virtual and tangible, much like our service; we use material things we touch and virtual tools — the mix of the data-driven nature of work and the space is the connection between us and our customers.

The line at the centre represents us— the middle of the supply chain, the lifeline of global movement; the heart of logistics.

Global Network

Together with our own network, we are backed by an international network of partners and agents who work with us to meet all your logistical needs. Faced with a challenging market or in need of an agile and adaptive partner who can get things moving? Talk to us.